Poltergeists of the Past

gifts adorn the spirit house with golden flowers draped around itElephants rise majestically at the front walkway, while brave soldiers comfort them with a hand upon their massive trunks. Incense and gifts adorn the courtyard, and a wreath of golden flowers is draped over the entire structure. Zebras and statuesque lions stand guard to the flight of steps that lead into the entrance of the palace defending this Koh Samui holiday home, presenting flamboyant and ornate tapestries that hang from the walls within. Here sit two figures praying to the gods, their hands held above their heads in active meditation. Continue reading

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An Adventure… An Island… and too many Beaches to Count

The island of Koh Samui is essentially divided into villages and beaches, each one maintaining its own exceptional atmosphere and magnetism.  Koh Samui is small enough to drive around in about an hour, but has a multitude of attractions to keep people not only occupied but also entranced for months on end. From astounding beach villas and coconut resorts that can be found on every beach, to tourist venues of outstanding quality, Koh Samui is a beach lover’s playground for a holiday excursion. Continue reading

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