The Loy Krathong Festival – November 10th 2011

Krathong is a small lotus shaped boat made from the stem and leaves of a banana plant One of the most popular and by far the most romantic festivals in Thailand is called Loy Krathong. Celebrated annually on the full moon in November, both Samuians and tourists alike gather side by side along the waters edges of the island to release into the waiting mists a gift of prayer and tribute to the gods that preside therein.

‘Loy’ is the Thai word for ‘float’ and ‘Krathong’ refers to a small lotus shaped boat made from the stem and leaves of a banana plant; so the name of the festival means literally, to float your banana boat! Each Krathong is adorned in fragrant flowers and also holds a candle, 3 incense sticks and some coins as an offering to the Goddess of Water. It is a time when people offer thanks for the good fortune they have received over the past year, and apologise for any wrongs they have committed, offering their wishes, prayers and Krathongs to the River Goddess, or if you live on an island to the Goddess of the Sea.
Sparkling procession of hundreds of Krathongs

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  1. Coconut River
    Isn’t this a Hindus origin celebration referring to the River Ganges?

    • Samui Holiday Yes, the Goddess Ganga has been worshipped for millennia by Indian Hindus, seeing her as the personification of the mighty Ganges River…… and was easily adopted by the pre-Buddhist spiritual beliefs of a very ancient Thai culture. The Goddess Ganga has become known to many as the Goddess of all rivers, as well as fresh water ponds, lakes and canals. In Thailand, she is given her Thai name, Mae Pra Khongkha.

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