Love on the Water

The reckoning of true loveDuring the Loy Krathong Festival, this year falling on the full moon of November 10th, there are many things that are not only celebrated but also cherished, such as the reckoning of true love. Many couples will visit the Chaweng Lake on Koh Samui, as well as the ocean sides, together to launch their Krathong and believing that their relationship will become stronger and happier as the year progresses.

People all across Thailand get together with their friends and family on the morning to begin making their Krathongs, and prepare to gather on the shores at nightfall to release them into the waters wherever they may be. Loy Krathong is a time to be joyfulLoy Krathong is a time to be joyful; a time to celebrate as the ill-luck and suffering floats away with the Krathong, leaving you happy and free to start afresh. It is believed that as you float your Krathong on the waters, it will carry away all the bad luck and sins which you have acquired, and the wishes that you make as you set it in the water will begin with the new day. It is also believed that if a young boy and girl launch a Krathong together, their wishes will combine and they will become lovers, either in this life or the next.

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  1. Beach Dream says:

    Samui beach dream
    What are the Krathongs made from? I’ve seen some very elaborately decorated ones. Do you really have to make your own?

    • Loy Krathong celebration at Coconut Villas 2011 Traditionally, the stem of a banana plant is cut into sections, which form the base of the Krathong. Banana leaves are then cut and folded into different shapes before being pinned to the base in arrangements that reflect the shape, beauty and intricate simplicity of a lotus flower. The final steps are to add the flowers, candle, incense and coins, and your Krathong is ready for the launch.
      Although it is customary too make your own Krathong, you may buy them from school children and other vendors who annually make them to support charities around the island of Koh Samui.
      As night falls and the full moon rises, people begin making their way to the water, Krathongs in their hands and happy smiles on their faces. As they jostle next to each other along the banks of rivers and lakes across the country and launch their Krathongs onto the water with a wish, the light from their candle floats out to meet the sparkling procession of hundreds of other Krathongs as they bob gently into the distance, leaving a magical trail of glimmering lights and sweet scented incense smoke in their wake.

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