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Thailand offers exotic peoples and culture… wonderful fresh foods… traditional hill tribe villages… monastic retreats… beautiful sunsets on palm-tree lined beaches… and most importantly the birthplace of an ancient healing body therapy. Thai Massage for couplesWe are going to give you the basics on what is involved with Thai Massage and what you can expect to learn from the teachers at The Natural Wing Health Spa & Resort, just a few minutes from your villa at the Coconut Resorts.

There are several areas of massage when talking about Thai massage, head, foot, body massage, oil, herbal, facial, honey and body scrubs, as well as others that have been developed by many of the practitioners at the Natural Wing. These are all derivatives of the foundation of ‘Thai massage’.

Thai massage techniqueMassage as a spa treatment

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  1. Golf Samui says:

    Golf Samui
    The Natural Wing teaches Thai Massage? And where can I find the basics that they offer you are talking about?

    • Holiday makers at Coconut Samui Villas We are preparing a short guide for the novice, and which will be listed in the very near future on this website: called the “15 Minute Touch.”
      Here you will find a 15 minute overview of 5 essential areas of massage to spark your interest in learning one of the most incredible, ancient forms of massage and body relaxation. Combine your travels with learning traditional Thai massage!
      See our blog “The Yoga Massage” for a little more information on Thai massage.

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