Sailing Lessons on Samui

Sailing Lessons on Koh SamuiThere are a variety of sailing courses offered on and around the holiday island of Koh Samui equivalent to an extended version of a Competent Crew Course. The approach of teaching world travellers is based on blue water, ocean crossing sailing experience and shared with those who are thinking of sailing as a part time career or as full time retirement.

A variety of sailing courses around Koh SamuiCheck out the different course combination’s to see what would suite you best, from courses taught by world cruisers with yachts that are ocean-going vessels equipped with the necessary gear to undertake passage making ocean crossings.Training yacht galley

Of course there isn’t anyone who can become, within a week, a fully trained skipper ready to cross the seas, but these companies goals are to create a truly useful crew with maximum practical training possible in your given time frame.

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  1. Bang Rak says:

    Bang Rak Do these companies provide for overnight stays on the boats?
    And where do they sail to?

    • Captain Holiday There are a handful of companies based throughout several ports in Asia, and Samui is only one of their ports of call. Check with your local tour guide at your resort for further information and past experiences with these companies.

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