The Koh Samui Thai Chilli Remedy

Did you know that the Thai chilli did not originate in Thailand?

Hot Thai ChilliThai food is famous throughout the world for its phenomenal tastes and lively flavours. However, to those who are used to a more subdued plateful, the sudden immersion into the hot and spicy world of ‘tom yam’ and ‘phat prik’ can leave stomachs turning, and nether-ends burning. And if you are cooking for the very first time in your holiday villa and have added a little too much flavour, you may just need some natural Koh Samui help.

A common treatment for upset stomachs in Koh Samui, be it from spicy food, bad food or a simple virus, is ginger. This medicinal root herb has several healing A small chunk of ginger bashed and added to hot waterqualities and is very effective against the onset of colds as well as diarrhoea.

If you feel your stomach is a little unsettled, just nip into a mini mart or 7-11 and pick up a box of ginger tea. The boxes usually hold individual servings for you to just add hot water. A little honey can be added if you like, although you should avoid overly sweet foods and drinks if your stomach is playing up.

Alternatively, visit a local fresh market, selling vegetables, herbs, meat and fish, and buy some fresh ginger. A small chunk, bashed and added to hot water, will be even better. Ginger tea also makes a refreshing and delicious iced tea, although it is better to drink it hot or warm to help get your insides back on track ASAP.

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  1. Where did the Thai chilli come from if not from Asia?

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